Free Legal Representation

We provide access to life changing justice.

If you are facing a truly life changing legal situation, we can sometimes do more than just give advice. We might be able to:

  • send a letter on your behalf
  • go to a meeting with you
  • represent you at a mediation
  • or even go to Court for you

However, we can only do this if we have enough resources, and usually only for truly serious, life changing issues. We can only represent clients facing exceptional, life-changing situations. We assess each situation case by case, based on the individual circumstances and the resources we have available.

Except where we have given you a separate letter of engagement, we provide our services subject to our Standard Terms of Engagement.

While almost all our services are free, in very rare cases we may have to charge certain clients for some kinds of work (but that is very unusual, and we won’t ever surprise you with fees).


If you need our help, give us a call on 09 377 9449 or email us at